Sunday, 13 June 2010

Pearl Drops Instant White Brush On Teeth Whitener

So I decided to try this Pearl Drops instant whitener.

It cost me £7.99 from boots and comes in a square plastic tube with an applicator that looks like this

The applicator is a very fine, flexible brush and easy to use. I've used it maybe 10 times now and there is no noticeable dent in the amount of liquid left in the tube. Its not really suitable for a meal out as it will simply wear off, but for a night out its good fun (though I always tend to drink my drinks through a straw, which I would probably recommend in order to avoid washing this off.)

The Good

It really does brighten your teeth- which looks particularly fab with a nice pinky lipstick

The has a lovely minty smell which freshens your breath all evening

It seems very resilient and doesn't come off easily

Brushes straight off with toothbrush and toothpaste at the end of the night

Very easy to apply

As I mentioned above it seems to provide pretty good value for money

The Bad

Not as "bad" as such, but more a word of warning- make sure you give this product adequate time to dry, and by adequate I mean I spend a minute with my lips pulled back from my teeth sucking air through them furiously! Otherwise it flakes off as soon as you close your mouth around your teeth

I had one slightly bad incident where I was drinking a cheap alcopop and it seemed to stick to the stuff and I had to smear it off with my tongue (could be avoided with a straw, and it only happened with this one particular drink..a cherry VK in case you were wondering!)

If you run your tongue across your teeth it feels a little bit grainy...but again...just don't do it and its not an issue!

All in all I really really like this product, and it looks really great in photos. It does what it says on the box, and in my humble opinion does it pretty well :)

All my love...