Friday, 11 June 2010

Dior Air Flash Foundation

A friend recently bought a bottle of Dior Air Flash in number 200 light beige
The colour wasn't so great on her (the first issue with these Dior foundations being the tragic lack of colour choice!) so she passed it on to me to have a play with!

The Good...

I've worn it about 5 times now and have tried 2 different methods of application:

I sprayed it straight on to my face (*gasp*) which was..errrmm.....different the first time to say the least (I had the nozzle angled slightly to the side and ended up covering my hair)...however, I've done it a few times now and I've just about got the hang of it. I tend to spray slowly and evenly starting in the centre of my face and sort of rotate my hand and make the circles wider and wider to cover the rest of my face- all in all only spraying for about 20 seconds, but I don't wear heavy foundation and you could certainly build it up for heavier duty coverage. Then I blend with my fingers or a make up sponge. The coverage really is flawless.

I've also sprayed it on to my hands/ a sponge and applied it in the more conventional way. If you prefer to use a foundation brush you could also spray it in to the cap/ on to some cling film and apply it that way (although this could result in waste.) The coverage is also really very good, although applying it like this doesn't quite have the same airbrushed finish as spraying it directly on would.

My skin looks really gorgeous in photographs and I got a couple of compliments on it.

The Bad...

THE PRICE! It cost £32.50 from boots...and I think that is a pretty standard pricing. I nearly fell over when my friend told me. Although I don't really seem to use much, and this could be saved as a special occasion/night out foundation where photos are more likely.

The unpredictability of the spray was an issue for me. You also have no real choice about pencilling your eyebrows in if you want to spray it directly on, as it's very hard to get coverage around the eyes (for dark circles) without covering your eyebrows too. Same goes for lips (although a quick slick of Vaseline and a rub with a cotton bud sorts it out.)

I've also managed to spray bits of my hair...not ideal but it brushes out easily...could be more of a problem if you've done an up do or anything that can't be brushed.

All in all I love the look....but I'm not convinced that it couldn't be achieved for cheaper. I couldn't yet say whether I'd buy it again as I will have to see how long it lasts as to whether it's worth the investment; and I'm really not sure how long the novelty of a "spray on face" will last- it could quite easily become irksome.

The colour is possibly a teeeeeny bit too light for me, and it wont be suitable if I've tanned heavily. The real issue here being the abysmal choice of colours- cameo, light beige and medium beige. For the price I'd really like an exact match...

So the quickie rundown- look like a celebrity in photos, but you better have a celebrity budget to spend (oh, and be lucky enough to have a face in one of only 3 shades...)

All my love...