Friday, 25 June 2010

Aussie Dual Personality Straightening and Heat Protection Spray

As a previous devotee of the GHD heat protection spray.....

ok I lie when I say "devotee" I just got 2 bottles of it for free so its lasted me while...

I was in the market for a new heat protect, so scoured some reviews and decided upon Aussie's dual personality which cost me £4.50 from Boots

I've used it 5 or 6 times now and I have to say I'm really very pleased with it

The Good

Totally non sticky (which I sometimes found if I'd put on too much of the GHD spray)

My hair looks very shiny afterwards

Doesn't weigh the hair down at all so its definitely suitable for use on the roots

I prefer spray applications to serums etc, and this is very easy to use with quite a concentrated spray so there isn't loads of waste just spraying off in to the surrounding atmosphere!

Smell is a nice clean smell without being overly chemical

Good price for what you get

My ends look healthy and nourished (although that could be through continued use of my ojon hair treatment- see earlier posts)

The Bad

Nothing is particularly bad about this product actually....the smell doesn't particularly linger on the hair...but that's not a negative as such

A very good product, certainly going on my "repurchase" list!

All my love...