Monday, 28 June 2010

Nivea Visage Day Cream

My moisturiser had began to feel a bit heavy with the hot weather, and make my make up was starting to slide by the end of the day making me look a bit deranged... so I set out with the following brief:

Something very light
Something not overly perfumed
Something with SPF

After a scout around I picked up a bottle of Nivea Visage light moisturising day cream with "UV filters." It promises light moisturisation for 24hrs with lotus extract and added vitamins. It set me back £4.50 from Asda which is reasonable enough.

Did it live up to the challenge?

On the lightness front- most definitely! It really is lovely, fresh and light which makes a great base for summery make up

As far as not being overly perfumed is concerned,this is something I actively sought that because my skin can get quite irritated (angry red patches...LOVELY!)...however, this does have a nice sweet moisturiser smell but is really so gentle and didn't irritate me at all

As for SPF....well I'm not sure what "UV filters" truly constitute....a VERY low SPF perhaps....but saying as I'm prone to burning I've been using factor 30 when I'm outside anyway....and in reality moisturisers tend to have low SPFs (unless you spend a small fortune...which I am not in possession of!!) So it didn't 100% tick the box here , but UV filters must be better than no UV filters.....right? Maybe not, but we can't have everything can we!

Essentially a really lovely summer moisturiser that did (nearly) everything I wanted :)

Any other nice summer products out there..?

All my love...