Thursday, 17 June 2010

Lush Jungle Conditioner

Lush' "Jungle" is one of those bizarre products that gets glowing *my life is forever altered for the MUCH better* type reviews, or the kind of *eh? Did I do that right?* style of reaction.

I bought a bar of Jungle solid condition about a year ago and used it for a month or so before moving on to something else. At the time I viewed it as "alright-ish", my hair was shiny enough but possibly a bit greasy at the roots. I decided it was probably a bit rich for my hair which was going through quite a greasy phase.

I dug it out again last night as my hair has been a little dry after a recent home dye job (error- I got engrossed in an episode of Glee and left it on 20 minutes too long...bitter chocolate to goth black..)

Well can I just take this chance to say.....I LOVE YOU JUNGLE

I think this is the part that gets most people. Jungle is a solid conditioner bar (probably already inducing some "eh" style responses). This is all very good from an saving the earth point of view. It is also a natural, chemical free conditioner so as you put it on you don't get the instant smooth feeling you get with an ordinary chemical conditioner....this was where I was going wrong....smothering my head in it thinking none was going on. The softness comes as the hair dries, the cue to stop applying it is when you can easily run your fingers through your hair with no tangles (for me anyway)

I rubbed the bar directly on to the lengths of my hair then lathered it up in my hands and ran it through that way.


yippeeeeeee, the dryness is receding! The smell is a really lovely fruity smell- although not fruity in a traditional "plasticky" way, but in a very fresh way. The smell isn't particularly strong, and you actually need to put the hair next to your nose to smell it, but I don't think this is a bad thing.

The key is working out how much of this stuff is right for you, and possibly it might be more suitable as a once/twice a week for those with greasier hair (also I didn't rub it directly on to the hair nearest the scalp this time, just spread it generally on my hands, and I think this achieved a better result)

All my love...