Thursday, 8 July 2010

Model's Own

I've read quite a lot about Model's Own lately and it has recently been stocked in Boots. I picked up a lilac nail varnish and a "Disco Diva" duo eyeshadow which is a metallic purple and a dark grey/silver. Each cost £5 (all the items in the Model's Own range are priced at £5 or less) and at the moment you get a free nail buffer with any Models' Own nail varnish in Boots.

I really like the eyeshadow. You can build it up quickly to get a dramatic colour and it lasts pretty well for the price. This look below took me literally less than 2 minutes, with no primer, and I just applied it with my fingers:

As you can see it would be easy to layer it up and get a really smoky, dark look, and the silver would blend right up to the brow bone to give a really shimmery night time eye. The eyeshadow duo with loreal volume million mascara are the only products I'm wearing here and I think the eyeshadow stands up well. The colour even stays vibrant with the unflattering light provided by my camera!! I'm a huge fan of purple eye makeup as I have green eyes, and this lovely silvery look really makes green eyes pop and smoulder simultaneously.

Application was very smooth and there wasn't loads of glittery fall out all over my cheeks (which I do find with other cheaper shimmer shadows.)I really like this product and would repurchase, however: there isn't really another colour in the range that I would use (other than the "Night and Day" set which is a matt black and white duo.) There is a purple/teal looking combination called Summer's Day which I've seen on the website that I'd like to swatch in real life (my store didn't have it in stock) it could be that I'm making that judgement a bit prematurely, but to be honest there is only a few colours to chose from so in all likelihood most people will only suit one, or at most two from the range. Not that this is a criticism, but its a nice product so I'd like to be able to have more :)

The nail varnish went on very smoothly, and whilst the picture below is with 2 coats, one would probably do the trick absolutely fine. The smell is quite a strong chemical smell whilst you are applying, but I really lovely the pastel, matt finish and I will definitely be purchasing some more colours :)

I'm also really excited to try some of the Model's Own mascara which I've heard some great things about, and I will certainly be picking up some more nail varnish. All in all I'm very impressed with what I've seen of this range.

All my love...